Is Your Buisness Ready for the Blockchain?

Get the information you need to be prepaired for the next phase of the web,
the blockchain. Shadowstate is a decentralization consultation firm.
Let us find ways to integrate your buisness into the chain, find efficiencies
and create new opportunities for your project or buisness.

Reasons to Decentralize

Increase Efficiency

If your firm utilizes highly centralized systems, there is a good chance some of that system could be made more efficient if it was built on the blockchain. We can help find these efficiencies in your systems and advise you on how you can utilize the blockchain to solve these problems.


If your buisness uses financial contracts, primitives or works with money transactions, the blockchain may be the right place for you.

Open Source Reliability

Advantage open sourcing to identify bugs, find efficiencies and utilize the blockchain in ways not even the best engineers could think of.

Connect With Reliable Developers

We can help locate quilified contract developers to work closley with your buisness to develop amazing blockchain solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which code editor would you recommend?

I'd highly recommend you Sublime Text - a free to try text editor which I'm using daily. Awesome tool!

Nice header. Where do I find more images like that one?

Well, there are thousands of stock art galleries, but personally, I prefer to use photos from these sites: and Flickr - Creative Commons

Can I use it to build a site for my client?

Yes, you can. You may use this template for any purpose, just don't forget about the license, which says: "You must give appropriate credit", i.e. you must provide the name of the creator and a link to the original template in your work.

Can you customize this template for me?

Yes, I can. Please drop me a line to and describe your needs in details. Please note, my services are not cheap.

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